Enjoy this selection of reference cars in our picture gallery from cars we have detailled for customers and sold as pre-owned car. For each car we have prepared a detailed slide show about our work.

Audi 80 2.0E (B4) 1992 FrontansichtAudi 80 2.0E (B4) 1993

Color: Zyclam pearl effect
Year: 1993

The paint of the car was completely restored with some additional body and paint work. Complete treatemnt of interior like seats and dashboard. Further several service investements for the brakes, engine seals and all filters and cleaning the engine compartement. The paint was treated with a 3 layer GYEON Q2 MOHS and 2 layer GYEON Q2M CURE paint protection which gives a incredibly high-gloss shine to the car. The pear metallic effect is now much more visible then ever.